Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Neuromyth 1

Neuromyth 1

Share these neuromyths in week 2 of my walden class.  I like the way they made it like a quiz and then provided answers.  I like that way of learning.

Did you know that learning is not the same as perceiving and presenting instruction in the learners most favored learning style is actually counter productive? An individual may process information through many different modes in order to comprehend a concept or master a task.

the input of the senses has no meaning itself. For understanding and learning, a further step, a step beyond perception is necessary. The learner needs to interpret the input of his senses and give this input a meaning. Only by this second step, through endeavouring to find a meaning, understanding and learning of the formula is achieved. This second step is an intellectual achievement. Hence, the “intellectual type of learner” is a consequence to the other “types of learner”. First, students need to perceive, then they process the perception and learn what the perception means. Considering this process, one can conclude that strategies to optimize learning must include an approach of “learning through understanding”.

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