Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I think it was Stephen Downes of Connectivism fame who issued a challenge to educators to reflect on our practice by committing to creating 50 blog posts.

I can't find Downe's post, but it seems a good idea especially for me to accept his challenge since I teach a graduate level class in which all the students create a blog. Creating a blog is no sweat. What is hard is the care and feeding of a blog.

In the past, I've struggled with the purpose of a blog. I mean, will the blog provide information or what? Downes helped me with the purpose part -- the purpose is to reflect on what I'm learning and what I'm teaching. This blog is for me. It is a place to park all the links and interesting things I find and it is a place to reflect. Perhaps it will become a Personal Learning Environment (PLE).

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